Adaptive Response

Continuously improving incident response propelled by an ML-driven decision engine

The Adaptive Response suite streamlines and scales Incident Response while optimizing operational efficiency by presenting fewer, more relevant security events, delivered by an AI-driven recommendation engine for contextualized decision-making.

Key Benefits

SOC Management

Make real-time, informed decisions about optimizing SOC performance
  • Automatically reviews and routes tickets and events to SOC analysts and incident responders who will be most effective in timely and successful remediation
  • Analysis can include diverse parameters including shift times, skill sets, open issues, relationships between issues, friction points in the SOC, and previously remediated tickets and work by the available personnel
  • Allows managers to proactively identify friction points in operations, like response steps, timelines, and performance (both role-specific and by individual user)
  • Includes option to run in performance mode or training mode, focusing on maximum throughput or cross-training staff members respectively
  • Identify which tools and entities are providing the most value within your organization

Analyst Augmentation

Reduce alert fatigue through AI-driven event correlation and facilitated team collaboration
  • Identify similar incidents based on a number of non-obvious factors such as asset interconnectivity, patterns in log data, discreet sequencing of actions from all sources, and links to known threat campaigns
  • Correlated events are automatically aggregated to single incidents before they make it to the analyst’s desk when possible
  • Includes integrated ability to interact (and store logs) with other staff members who have responded to similar incidents
  • Chatbot-based support for organizationally approved knowledge transfer and recommended actions
  • Leverages the collective institutional memory from current and former staff members (via integrated search on previous notes/documents)

Incident Remediation Decision Support

Clear, concise recommendations for optimal incident remediation
  • Automatically identify new priorities and actions to help stitch individual SOC team members’ actions into a more integrated and performant whole
  • Review all factors of an incident including network architecture, analyst assigned, business impact, and cost of remediation
  • Automate triage and response to low-level security incidents without generating tickets for overworked SOC analysts
  • Incident remediation decision support recommends discrete steps to close identified security incidents
  • Cost-aware security operations suggestions take into account current, available, and on-demand resources

Threat Campaign Management

Prioritize the threats that matter most to your organization right now
  • MITRE ATT&CK-based filters allow you to assess your organization-specific risk against particularly concerning attack tactics or known threat actors
  • All events are examined to identify where similar events are likely to be part of a larger campaign or are probabilistically aligned with specific tactics
  • Scenario planning tool runs multiple permutations of network configurations, user dispositions, and network events to identify the most likely scenario for a given attacker
  • Multi-scenario-driven attack paths explore the impact of multiple simultaneous threat actor intrusions (coordinated and happenstance) on your business
  • Probabilistic attribution is provided based on event and attack path clustering rather than organizationally-constrained threat actor models

Advanced Analytics

The power of data science in the hands of security domain experts
  • Enables security data science teams and analysts create their own custom analytic data workflows
  • Includes library of ML algorithms out-of-the-box, with tools to tune and train them on your own unique data
  • Supports ad hoc analytics via in-browser, Spark-compatible ScratchPads
  • Orchestrate enrichment activities and secondary queries using a custom-built drag-and-drop analytic pipeline editor
  • Includes invite-only program of community repositories and a marketplace of algorithms, data sets, and other data entities

Leverage Q:CYBER for your enterprise

Capabilities within the Adaptive Response suite are actively being developed for beta testing and release within the calendar year. We are actively engaged in coordinating beta testing with potential clients.