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Protect your data and relationships with Q:CYBER ®

Protect your data from crippling attacks

Sophisticated cyber adversaries want to gain domain dominance or establish persistence within your trusted networks: siphoning off sensitive data from your organization, or laying the groundwork for a crippling attack. Legitimate account takeovers chained with privilege escalation and forged credentials via abuse of critical identity infrastructure like Active Directory and Kerberos are their most potent weapons.

It’s your job to:

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Protect your critical IT assets and your users

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Identify and stop attacks on identity infrastructure quickly

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Limit attackers’ reach within your environment

The Q:CYBER security suite can help you do just that.

Here’s How We Do It

Q:CYBER, QOMPLX’s suite of cybersecurity cloud-based software solutions, uses graph and time series analytics, advanced models, leverage attack simulations, and use a combination of rules machine learning to help the world’s most demanding firms solve the toughest cybersecurity problems. And if resources are a concern, our team of security experts can guide you through product implementation and actively manage the software for your company.

Cyber Health Software
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D&B Cyber Risk Rating

The D&B Cyber Risk Rating, powered by QOMPLX, spots your suppliers’ cyber vulnerabilities and scores them based on the potential impact to your firm.


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Identity Assurance

Identity Assurance detects credential forgery and privilege escalation attacks used in ransomware and other significant attacks, with zero false positives.


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Privilege Assurance

Privilege Assurance finds and flags weaknesses in your Active Directory that malicious actors will seek to exploit, including risky accounts and misconfigurations.


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Q:ASSESS measures your security posture and quantifies how targeted investments help you reduce your cyber risks.

Threat Intelligence Software
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HooDat, QOMPLX’s customizable Username Search Engine, scans hundreds of sites across the web, locates active accounts, and displays the results visually.

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Q:SCAN identifies vulnerabilities in your firm’s external cybersecurity presence as attackers see them, and benchmarks your performance against peers.

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Omnisense, QOMPLX’s threat intelligence data stream, predicts several classes of malicious and suspicious cyber events before they reach your network.

Managed Services
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Red Team Testing

QOMPLX’s Red Team Testing experts mimic attackers’ tactics and techniques to penetrate your firm’s defenses. Also available as a subscription.

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Incident Response

QOMPLX's Incident Response service offers end-to-end support for managing the aftermath of a cyber attack and defending from such attacks in the future.

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Managed Detection and Response

With QOMPLX’s Managed Detection & Response service, our experts safeguard your reputation by monitoring your network and hunting for threats.

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Zero-Day Hunting as-a-Service

QOMPLX experts find zero-day vulnerabilities in web applications, CLIs, or thick GUI products that can’t bear to be compromised.

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Zero-Day Bootcamp

Don’t fear the fixable. At QOMPLX’s Zero-Day Bootcamp, our experts show you how to hunt for, exploit, and monetize zero-day exploits while defending your firm.

Here’s What We Stop

Attackers are finding it easier than ever to move laterally within organizations once they have established a foothold.

Lateral movement is a critical component of damaging attacks and compromises:

  • Attackers elevate their privileges on the network and gain access to- and control over valuable IT assets and data.

  • Improved, post exploitation tooling has simplified sophisticated attacks and lateral movement.

  • Tools include PowerShell Empire and Mimikatz.

“Cyber adversaries want to establish persistence within your trusted networks, allowing them to take over employee accounts, steal sensitive data or prepare crippling attacks. Critical identity infrastructure systems, such as Active Directory, are aging, understaffed and exposed.”

Andrew Jaquith
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and General Manager, Cyber

When effectiveness, efficiency, and eliminating risk matter, top companies choose Q:CYBER. Some of our customers' most common use cases include the following:

Use Cases
Q:CYBER’s Solution

Stealthy Attacks, Insider Threats

Validated authentication via IA and PA to spot and stop attacker lateral movement

Business Entity Consolidation (mergers / acquisitions)

Detailed risk assessment via QSCAN, IA and PA

Planning and Risk Analysis

Security posture assessment via QSCAN

Compliance and Audit

Detailed compliance assessment via QSCAN, IA and PA

Let Q:CYBER's software bring you everything from complete visibility and context to the range of analytics required to quickly protect networks and systems from attacks and other exposures.

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