Alpha Generation

Dramatically reduce the time from idea generation to deployment in a fully integrated suite of financial tools.

Alpha is a measure of active return on an investment, gauged against an appropriate market index. Q:Finance provides an intuitive interface that provides all the context and tooling needed for a trader to increase their productivity tenfold

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly develop, test and launch algorithmic trading strategies with no programming experience necessary
  • Leverage traditional and alternative market data, enriched and cross-referenced to support strategy development
  • Includes support for stochastic modeling in rich simulation environments
  • Integrated portfolio monitoring and reporting, coupled with time-saving automation tools greatly expands the possible universe of strategies a single individual can effectively manage
  • Predictive AI modeling functionality to identify and score trade signal strength and market state changes

Leverage Q:FINANCE for your firm

QOMPLX:FINANCE helps scale trader productivity