Risk Management

Identify, manage, and mitigate risk with a holistic approach across the firm

Understand and optimize financial risk throughout the firm and across the portfolio including trades and positions involving continuously monitored internal activities and outside managers

Key Benefits

  • Ingest, clean and link terabytes per day of structured and unstructured data to reveal unexpected portfolio concentrations and unintended risk
  • Highly customizable rule-definitions and threshold management tools to reduce false positives and user fatigue
  • Support for Markov-switching multifractal-like state estimation to rapidly identify economic regime change
  • Embedded redundant risk checks at trade execution, product, venue, strategy, portfolio, trader and firm level
  • Pattern recognition tools and portfolio analytics to manage pattern divergence, style drift, market abuse, over diversification, or concentration risk throughout the portfolio

Leverage Q:FINANCE for your firm

Q:FINANCE identifies key risk indicators throughout the firm and helps mitigate those factors with automated tools to manage trade and capital risk, strategy development and deployment risk, regulatory and compliance risk, and operational and cyber risk.