Monitoring & Protection

Unprecedented visibility and context with revolutionary attack detection

The Monitoring & Protection suite combines a one-of-a-kind detection framework with unparalleled insight and contextual understanding of interdependent risk throughout the enterprise to more confidently protect your resources and data. Our API-based Connector utility enables integration with third-party apps to support use cases such as pushing Q:CYBER alerts to an existing SIEM solution, or automating challenge/response activities like a real-time biometric scan to confirm identity when anomalous or suspicious behavior is detected.

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Attack Detections

Currently the only solution in the world capable of detecting over 80 variations of Golden and Silver Ticket attacks - with alerts in less than 10 minutes, without false positives


Active Directory Monitoring

Understand and prioritize mitigation of risky cross-domain configurations for users, groups, and trusts throughout your entire Active Directory environment


Asset Management

Onboard and integrate new data or log sources in minutes and go beyond monitoring by interacting dynamically with endpoints and exploring relationships and interactions between them - over time and in real time


Behavior Analytics

Target malicious or unintentional insider threats with built-in detections or highly customizable definitions of suspicious or risky behavior specific to your business unit


Data Classification

Define parameters for sensitive data and leverage ML-driven tools to locate, protect, and monitor sharing of that data across the enterprise, including cloud deployments


Leverage Q:CYBER for your enterprise

Q:CYBER's Monitoring & Protection suite provides unprecedented visibility, ease of management, and the context needed to understand the potential impact of any intrusion, disruption, or failure.