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QOMPLX® Partner Program

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Cyber Security

QOMPLX offers partners the ability to provide their customers a way to economically protect their enterprise from a full range of adversaries, including advanced targeted cyber-attacks. Allowing companies to integrate disparate data sources across their environment and spot malicious activity in the earliest stages of a cyber-attack. With the QOMPLX portfolio we focus first on establishing “ground truth” in networks building from authentication validation as a key part of ensuring the integrity of the core identity infrastructure. Ultimately, this helps business leaders leverage their existing security data to reach better and more informed decisions.

The QOMPLX Cyber Portfolio Allows You To:

Visualize attack pathways for IR capabilities as well as planning and risk analysis (Privilege Assurance)

View comprehensive data on AD environment, including trusts, privilege escalations, and more for monitoring/ alerting as well as GRC reporting and audit needs (Privilege Assurance)

Perform detections at 100% accuracy for Golden Tickets, Silver Tickets, DC Sync, and DC Shadow exploits (Identity Assurance), as well as several other detections

Perform detections at less than 15-minute detection time for the four major exploits (Identity Assurance)

Ability to ingest new data in minutes, not weeks

Click through the UI for auto-scale resources, LB, parsers, filters, rulesets, and more

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