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We embrace complexity so you don’t have to

QOMPLX offers quantitative, SaaS-based solutions for data analytics, cybersecurity, insurance, and finance. Our tools enable customers to understand, model, manage, and transfer complex risks.

What QOMPLX Does

QOMPLX empowers its customers to make better decisions faster and easier. Our software-as-a-service offering integrates disparate data sources in a unified analytics infrastructure, QOMPLX:OS™, which powers our decision platforms and provides a foundation on which our clients build applications and decision platforms to solve their most urgent business problems.

QOMPLX:OS current applications include:


Cyber-criminal groups and nation-state actors are exploiting critical IT infrastructure including Microsoft Active Directory and the Kerberos authentication protocol to establish long-term residence on sensitive networks disguised as privileged users or applications. QOMPLX Q:CYBER helps some of the world’s leading companies identify such attacks and defeat these sophisticated cyber adversaries. With the help of Q:CYBER institutions can integrate disparate identity and authentication data from across their enterprise, spotting malicious activity such as Keberos ticket forgeries and defusing attacks at their earliest stages.

Cyber Insurance, Underwriting and Portfolio Risk Management, Model Marketplace

An integrated decision platform that links all efforts across the insurance value chain including underwriting and/or referrals, pricing, risk management, and reinsurance sourcing.

Quantitative Finance

A quantitative, multi-asset decision platform designed to identify and optimize alpha generation opportunities, manage risk across the firm, and minimize compliance vulnerabilities.


An Enterprise Operation System designed to enable data-driven, contextualized decision platforms that are risk-centric and highly customizable for virtually any business domain.