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A Fusion of Insurance & Technology - Changing How Decisions are Made

Combining Expertise in Insurance and Technology

We help solve the most difficult problems across the insurance value chain with our Q:INSURANCE™ suite of products. Solutions include automated underwriting, advanced modeling capabilities, data management, and an industry leading cyber risk management toolset based on data telematics.

Q:INSURANCE helps your company succeed with

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Underwriting & Portfolio Analysis

Streamline your underwriting processes with automated underwriting rules, real-time data telematics, and powerful portfolio risk analytics. Our decision platform promotes human-machine teaming for optimal results.

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Risk Modeling

Address unique problems, innovate, and build a competitive advantage with our modeling-as-a-service solution. Access a range of independent models on an enterprise grade platform within a data infrastructure that you configure but we maintain.

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Cyber Risk Management & Modeling

Take a rigorous and forward-looking approach to pricing and cyber risk aggregation modeling. We offer self-assessment surveys, external scanning, and inside-out data telematics. Our solutions get away from the rear view mirror approach and focus on the future.

“Similar to banks, the insurance industry is rushing into the same technology mess of multiple data standards, multiple solutions, and a mistaken belief they should build their tech solutions. Our goal is to provide companies with an enterprise grade toolkit so they don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”

Alastair Speare-Cole

President & GM, Insurance

Insurance Product Offerings

QOMPLX's fusion of advanced technology and analytics into day-to-day insurance processes will give you a competitive edge through more informed decision making, improved risk selection, and reduced expenses. QOMPLX is committed to challenging current inadequate approaches to risk management by driving change in the use of analytics, automation, and telematics to improve your organization's resilience to risk, and shape ongoing responses.

UW Decision Platform

Define automated underwriting rules and models to streamline decision-making



Don't guess at risk exposure, make your own informed decisions across many perils


Cyber Insurance

Develop confidence in cyber risk quantification and management


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