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Powering Rapid Design, Development & Deployment of Big Data & AI Applications

Powering Rapid Design of Big Data & AI

A Unified Analytics Infrastructure For Enterprise Decision Making

QOMPLX’s Unified Data Fabric is a cloud-based Enterprise Operating System designed to provide superlative analytics, simulation modeling, and machine learning-enabled planning for just-in-time, just-in-context, and just-in-place decision-making for the world’s most demanding problems.

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Decisions At Every Level Must Be Data-Driven

Avoiding bias in decision-making and validating assumptions are fundamental business requirements in a world with ever-increasing regulatory requirements, dynamic operational risks, and new sustainability and governance guidelines.

Optimize Otherwise Costly Data Transformation Journeys

QOMPLX’s Unified Data Fabric can be deployed, managed, and scaled, with optimized integration and maintenance costs. Avoid unnecessary overhead by choosing an integrated data infrastructure over multiple point-solutions.

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Tackle The Complexity Associated With Becoming A Data-Driven Enterprise

Our superior data access and processing capabilities allow us to model the inherent complexity present in financial services, cybersecurity, and other highly-interconnected systems. These insights are accessible through intuitive and workflow-centric user interfaces.

QOMPLX’s Unified Data Fabric is a realization of an enterprise-wide analytics platform designed to improve business outcomes while minimizing costs.

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